What Else Can Doctors Do Beside Medicine?

Dear Husband-to-be,

Is any marriage really sure to last?


You may not know me yet, but I am very much alive and not any ‘beautiful one that hasn’t been born yet’. I am a Nigerian of the Yoruba tribe and a Christian. I have decided to write to you today on some pertinent issues concerning when we finally get joined in holy matrimony and start living together as husband and wife.

I am assuming you are also a Nigerian, I am not so sure about your tribe though. But for the purpose of this letter, I would make you a Yoruba man. Remind me to rewrite this part if you end up being from another tribe. Or country (Lord, help!)

First, no matter how rich you are and how generous and kind hearted your parents are, our wedding ceremonies (church and traditional) would be strictly by invitation. I am not stingy or selfish, I just prefer order and organisation…

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Royal Adultery.

Even the high and mighty can fall. So the Bible said, “let he who stands take heed lest he falls”.


It had been a long day, many customers had come with clothes to be sewn or mended. My only assistant had taken a day off to be with her newly army recruited husband. They had just been married for a month when he decided to join the army. My best sewing machine had developed a fault and the repairer was nowhere to be found. He was probably in a drunken stupor under the nearest parked truck. Then my cramps had come, pre- warning to my next period. I dislike the whole monthly red mess and I often wish I could escape it… legally.

I also wish Uriah, my husband, was around. He knows how to make me feel better on days like this. But he was on the battle field somewhere, dodging arrows and flying stones. He had always come back home from wars but I am sure my blood…

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I know you know her. But, at the end of this story, I do hope you come to realize that God can use just about anybody to bring to fulfillment His plans and purposes… As long as the person is willing. Enjoy.


Her place was well known. Spacious and well furnished. Lots of velvet and wine colored dressings. Her home during the day, ‘The Runt’ at night.


Lovely and sensual gait. Elegant poise. Beautiful. Coveted by high and lowly men alike. Even the King sent for her, especially on occasions when the Queen had travelled. Tales of her exploits in bed reverberated round the kingdom and beyond. She was the best of them all.

Her city, Jericho, had the greatest king ever. He had built and fortified the city, made it the envy of other nations around; magnificent, rich in culture and produce, strong economy and security, prosperous people and abundant weapons of war. Ronda was proud of her king. And she willingly gave herself for his pleasure.


There had been trouble outside Jericho. Many other kings had been attacked by a certain group of people. They had no king…

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Is there anything too hard for love to do?
Stop running. Embrace love.


I watched ‘Stuck in Love’ recently. The scene with Loo and Sam in the car really got to me. Especially when Sam was listening to ‘Between the Bars’ by Elliot Smith and she said, “I’m really scared right now”. That is the statement one makes when you know you are allowing yourself accept love, be drawn into that state you have always avoided.

* * * * * *

Seun was so against love and romance. She was not into all the mushy ‘I am in love’ thing most of her friends were into. She was not deprived of love, she was not raped and no, she had not experienced a breakup. She just did not see it.

But I loved her.

I could not imagine why she kept pushing me away. It hurt. It broke me. There was a thick wall she had built around her and I was…

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I Got The Green Light!!!

About our parents and our dating lives…


“My dear, you are not too young to be in a relationship…”

Hearing that from my mother was my official green light into the world of relationships/dating/courting. I was so excited and thrilled. Finally, I can be bold and say, “this is xxxxx, my boyfriend/fiance/love”. No fear of being reminded I was sent to school to face my books and the part of the Bible that says there is time for everything.

A friend of mine once said, ” one day, your parents would wake up and realize how old you’ve become and start asking for your life partner, reminding you of your biological clock ticking away”. Meanwhile, these same parents are the ones who expected you to face every other thing except that aspect of life.

As a guy, these parents never talked to you about friendships with females, how to treat them with respect, words to use and…

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Are you going to remain unmarried, come rain, come shine, come hail? Please, please, let me know before I fall in love with you. Thanks


Dinner with James was more delightful then I expected. Of course, I got teased about the burnt rice.

“Is this how you would be burning your husband’s meal?”

“If my husband likes burnt meals, yes.”

James had just gotten admission for a second Masters degree in a university in the Caribbeans. It was supposed to be for a year but he planned on staying one more year with his uncle over there.

“I’ll miss you James.”

Yes, I was going to miss my bestfriend; easy to talk with, understanding, caring and thoughtful. He was not from a particularly rich family but they were comfortable.

“Jumoke, let’s get married.”

Did he just say that?

“James… We are not even… Dating.”

“I know. I mean, we could get married. Then, we can start dating after that.”

That was funny but this was no laughing time. I turned to face him, looking for…

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Female target; CHECK!

So you think you are Miss Agbani Darego??? Because all of Jesus male disciples are asking you out? CHECK!


I woke up feeling extremely tired; my eyes ached, my head seemed like the meeting point for drummers and my body felt too heavy to belong to me. In summary, I was not sure if I actually slept or I had only imagined doing so. This was one of those days I was tempted to stay indoors, convincing myself that, “a lion is in the street” waiting to devour me if I ventured out. But, I had an appointment with my editor, Kunle.
Hm… just a little bit on Kunle; He is one of those guys who believe nothing else matters till they have prospered abundantly. He is all about business and busyness. In a 30minutes conversation with him, Kunle would have glanced at his wristwatch not less than six times. Rolex, by the way. He is handsome, take it from me. Half-caste is what they are called, those ones…

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Feb 14 is just another day. Puleese! This love/couple/interview thing on the blog cannot not be different. Hehehehe. Happy Vals!



PEO: What was the first thing you disliked about him?
Her: The very same thing i first liked about him; he was perfect. Oh, before we really met, i thought he was proud… I can’t remember the explanation.

PEO: What’s your idea of Mr. Perfect?
Her: Mr perfect is somebody who loves God, loves himself and is able to love me within God’s concept. Oh,he must love other people too not just me. Lest i am just a fleeting emotion.

PEO: What percentage of this idea did he meet when you met him?
Her: from day one, i knew this one was different…he did not fit the description… the description fit him.☺.

PEO: Has there ever been a moment of doubt?
Her: Nahhhh…perfect love casts out all fear.

PEO: When did he push you to your highest threshold of jealousy?
Her: jealous of who??? Plix, i am a queen…

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Behind The Scenes MB PartII: the End…

It cmae to pass! Thank you for all the love.


Christmas day came and yours sincerely, I dressed up looking all fine. I mean, I even wore heels! I was going to attend church service and have myself a good Christmas. Yimu!
When Pastor said, “Let’s share the grace in fellowship…” I grabbed my bag and exited the church premises before any of our well-meaning family friends would grab me in the name of stopping me from spending the day reading. I got back to school, carried my note and textbook, phone and charger and went to my friend’s room. I settled down on their rug. And read.
My Christmas meal: jollof rice and meat or was it ponmo, with chilled zobo.
Epic moment: reading
On December 31, I was not even sure if I wanted to go for cross-over service. I was reading something in histopathology and Dr. xxxx’s voice came, “is it clear?!?” every time he asked that in…

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